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We seek all possible beauty without compromising the protection of the environment of which we are a part.

Our principles and methods of yarn production

While the sourcing the best quality of sheared sheep’s wool is the first important step, the principles and methods of processing it into a finished yarn are the most crucial aspects to distinguish our product as superior to any other mass-produced yarns.

Natural Dyes

The dyes we use are strictly plant based and natural. We do not use any commercial chemical dyes.

The Sorting and the Washing of the Wool

The short-fibered wool is separated for other uses and the long-fibered wool strands are chosen to be processed into yarns.

Hand Spinning of the Wool

The hand-washed and air-dried wool is spun by hand in small batches, as it had been done for centuries.

The Sourcing of the Wool

We source our wool from a few select farmers who share our principles in caring for their sheep.

About the woolway company

The Woolway Company has been created with the collaboration of three visionaries -- Hayk Oltaci, Mariam Nalbandyan, and Ruzanna Torozyan -- who have extensive knowledge and experience in their respective fields.

Against this background, their joining forces in 2020 created Woolway; an eco-friendly company with a broad perspective to contribute and expand the tradition of hand-woven rugs, fabrics, and decorative pieces, using their naturally produced yarns. As the output of their yarn production gradually increases, Woolway has also been supplying these exceptional yarns to a few select fine rug weavers in the area.

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In an eco-friendly environment, to produce the finest quality of hand-spun and natural-dyed woolen yarns for the creation of exquisite hand-woven rugs, as well as for the restoration of antique Oriental rugs and tapestries.

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We look for all the beauty possible without giving up the protection of the environment of which we are part