About Us

Our mission

In an eco-friendly environment, to produce the finest quality of hand-spun and natural-dyed woolen yarns for the creation of exquisite hand-woven rugs, as well as for the restoration of antique Oriental rugs and tapestries.

The scope of our business

For over a decade, the hand-woven rug production in Armenia has been striving to reach new heights in quality and in design based on the centuries old rug-making-tradition of Armenia. Especially, beginning from the 1870s and onward, the Armenian rugs had become the most sought after decorative art — under the generic name of Caucasian Rugs — in Europe and in the United States. Currently, the trend is to reproduce the updated versions of those antique rugs in the highest possible quality, which entails expert artistic workmanship, intricacy of design, and overall tactile feel and durability of the finished rug. That is exactly where we have begun to play a major role with the yarns we produce to achieve the overall tactile feel and durability of the hand-woven rug.

After a year of intense research and trials, we have developed methods and recipes to produce and dye the highest quality of hand-spun woolen yarns, naturally. Our entire production is eco-friendly and absolutely natural. On the one hand, we have been collaborating with like-minded farmers, who take their sheep to graze in alternating pastures throughout the spring and summer; and, feed them naturally nutritious hay during the fall and the winter months. The farmers supply us with the best quality of sheared wool available in the area. On the other hand, our customers are the weavers of exquisite hand-woven rugs; they know full well that the quality of the yarns used play a crucial role in the overall value of the rug.

The woolen yarns we produce are also ideal for the renovation of antique Oriental rugs and tapestries. Each artisan who meticulously repairs Oriental rugs often encounters a major challenge in finding the matching quality and color of the yarn that was originally used to weave the antique rug so that the repaired area cannot be detected. Currently, we have been renovating antique rugs for a few collectors. We will be gradually expanding our repair-shop capacity to serve all eof our valued customers.

We are also committed to training the new generation of weavers. We have sveral master rug weavers, who have been passing their extensive knowledge and experience in rug weaving to aspiring young women. In this aspect of our business, our ultimate goal is to create the master weavers of the future who will be producing heritage-quality rugs based on the multitude of traditional Armenian designs tracing the history of the hand-woven rugs throughout the centuries.

Our principles and methods of yarn production

While the sourcing the best quality of sheared sheep’s wool is the first important step, the principles and methods of processing it into a finished yarn are the most crucial aspects to distinguish our product as superior to any other mass-produced yarns. The Woolway motto: “everything is natural” encapsulates our commitment to eco-friendly sourcing, hand processing, and hand dyeing of the wool to obtain the most desirable yarn in our business.

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Natural Dyes

The dyes we use are strictly plant based and natural. We do not use any commercial chemical dyes. Again, the method of obtaining multitude of colors and their variations is based on centuries-old tradition. Although it is a tedious process, we prefer to prepare our own dyes, which gives us the greatest control in obtaining the exact colors we intend to create.

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The Sorting and the Washing of the Wool

The short-fibered wool is separated for other uses and the long-fibered wool strands are chosen to be processed into yarns. For the hand washing of the wool, only the optimal amounts of water and mild natural soaps are used. Nothing is wasted. Our meticulously washed wool is air dried.

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Hand Spinning of the Wool

The hand-washed and air-dried wool is spun by hand in small batches, as it had been done for centuries. This primitive-sounding method actually gives the spinner the most effective control in producing evenly-weighted continuous yarn for our intended use.

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The Sourcing of the Wool

We source our wool from a few select farmers who share our principles in caring for their sheep. They make sure that the grazing of their sheep in the lush pastures is a natural process by avoiding overgrazing. Daily trips to alternating pastures keep the sheep healthy and well-fed. The farmers make sure that the sheep are also sheltered in a very clean environment during the winter months. Undoubtedly, filthy conditions would have made the wool of the sheep worthless. It is also important to know that it is the same shepherd, who takes care of his flock, shears the sheep’s wool with utmost care during the summer. As the winters are very harsh in Armenia, the sheep grows a thick and long fleece every year. Naturally, shearing that heavy coat of fleece benefits the sheep during the very hot summer months, while providing us with their precious wool.

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Hand Dyeing of the Wool

The hand-spun yarn is naturally dyed in small batches to produce the exact variation of the desired colors. Our research and experiments have brought us to a level where we can reproduce any color we want to replicate the matching color of the original antique rug to be repaired. Moreover, the desirable muted or vivid colors of antique rugs can now be replicated with our yarns in modern hand-woven fine rugs.

About made-to-order hand-woven armenian rugs

We have built a dynamic team of skillful rug weavers, who are capable of implementing our heritage-quality hand-woven rugs production plan. We devotedly fulfill the orders of private patrons, established companies, collectors, and individuals. Naturally, the designs and the colors of each rug will be decided after a thoughtful deliberation between our client and our team. Then, the hand-weaving of the rug will progress efficiently. During which, the customer can be excited with the thought that since Woolway is in complete control from the beginning to the completion of the special order—yarn production, design execution, hand-weaving, and quality control—the end result will be the creation of an exquisite and one-of-a-kind Armenian Rug.

The team approach

At Woolway, since our business philosophy is built on a “win-win” approach that also promotes teamwork within our organization, as well as with our clients and suppliers. Thus, it is always our pleasure to have a personal brainstorming session with our current and prospective clients; especially, with the management of established companies, who are in the process of developing new business plans. A carefully thought, analyzed, and objectively-discussed plan assures the success of each project.

Our Commitment to Our Clients and to Our Environment

We are committed to producing the best naturally-dyed woolen yarns on the market. The production process of our yarns is explained in detail under the “OUR PRINCIPLES AND METHODS OF YARN PRODUCTION” segment, which clarifies why our yarns are of superior quality and eco-friendly at the same time. Our rugs are hand woven with these exceptional yarns. This also means that the exquisite rugs which we create will be used for generations by the owners with a peace of mind that their unique rugs are woven by creative artisans, with natural materials, and in an eco-friendly environment. We are also committed to contributing for the improvement and well-being ofour community and its people.

The big picture

The success and well-being of our clients, our suppliers, our working associates, and our community will also mean the accomplishment of the Woolway Company. Being cognizant of that fact, we have developed our “win-win” Woolway team approach to conducting our business. Let us all collaborate in running our respective businesses. Let us all be the winners in our noble efforts…!